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Central Heating Care

GasTec provides comprehensive central heating care and maintenance services for homes across Blackburn. We can help ensure that your heating system and hot water continue operating with maximum efficiency, 365 days a year. Backed by more than 13 years' of experience, every heating engineer in the GasTec team brings proven pride and professionalism to every job we take on.

Our Central Heating Services-

Our full-service central heating Care Solutions extend to all types of repairs, routine maintenance, servicing, boiler installation, central heating system optimisation and many more services besides. One call to the GasTec team is all it takes to arrange the following services for your home:

If looking for a leading local heating engineer with an established reputation, you're in safe hands with GasTec. Contact a member of the team today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Central heating care services

Central Heating Control Installations

We supply and install dynamic, user-friendly central heating control systems and thermostats for the modern home. Quality heating controls ensure your property remains comfortable throughout the year, while at the same time maximising energy efficiency. From thermostatic radiator valves to automated timers to thermostats and more, our heating engineers can transform your home's central heating system with the latest technology.

Just a few of the benefits of advanced heating controls include the following:

  • Enjoy a perfectly balanced temperature throughout the year
  • Maximise energy-efficiency to reduce heating bills
  • Automate your central heating system and hot water
  • Heat each room to a different temperature as required

For more information on any of our central heating care and maintenance services, contact a member of the GasTec team today.

Cutting-Edge Thermostats

Advanced thermostats represent the single easiest and most effective way of maintaining a balanced temperature around the home with maximum energy efficiency. Thermostats automatically activate your heating systems until the desired temperature is reached, after which the system is switched off. The higher the quality and accuracy of your thermostat, the more comfortable and energy-efficient your home becomes.

If your current central heating system is in relatively good condition, the simple and affordable installation of advanced controllers could have a marked impact on your energy bills. In fact, research suggests that setting your thermostat just 1'C lower could reduce your annual energy bills by up to £90.

Make The Change & Save Money

Here at GasTec, the services we provide focus comprehensively on quality, comfort, safety and value for money. As a fully independent local business, we can provide you with honest and impartial advice on all aspects of central heating care in Blackburn. Whatever your requirements and available budget, you can count on GasTec. Contact a member of the team today for more information, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.